As we all know that year 2017 was filled with exciting shifts and paradigms as far as any industry is concerned. First the demonetisation in 2016 and then introduction of GST in 2017, there were many other changes in pharma sector that led to highs and lows in terms of sales of medicines.

But as we have all experienced a surge of growth after GST,  considering boost in the economy where stock market is at all time high and investor confidence is increasing day by day we believe that there is high growth opportunity in pharma sector in 2018.

In order to encash this opportunity we have fasten our belts and we are more than ready to fulfill the upcoming demand of this industry. We want our customers to grow with us, so we are describing the range of products and opportunities we have for 2018.

Our Product Divisions (For PCD Pharma Franchise)

Logistics Partners

Franchise Benefits

Some companies believe that once we give pcd pharma franchise, their work is over. Now the person who has taken the franchise has all the responsibility to promote the products and company expects to increase the sales in that area without providing any support.

But we disagree with this approach, every person (even we as a company) needs some motivation to increase the sales and to do some innovative work in the field. So we provide additional benefits to our franchisers, which are:

  • Constant Training and Motivation is provided to you and the medical reps you hired for promotion of our company in your area.
  • We will educate you on every new product launched in our company and tell you how to promote it and take max benefit out of it.
  • We will provide statistics of product sales and marketing from all India Sales, so as to give you a perspective of which products are in demand, so that you don’t miss on selling those products.
  • We will regularly visit your area once or twice a year for on field support and motivation.

Trumac Presence in India

pcd pharma franchise

Company Growth Strategy

pcd pharma franchise

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