10 Things which you should look for before opting for PCD Pharma Franchise in any Company?

Most probably you are reading this post because you are looking to get a pcd pharma franchise of a pharma company or you are already working with a pharma company but are not completely satisfied.

Don’t worry, we will guide you in a systematic way on which factors are most important in determining a good pcd pharma company nowadays.

Times have changed, so does the methods of evaluating pharma companies. So let’s get started with the modern factors determining a good pcd pharma company.

1. Past History of Company

As experience is the best way to learn new things, the pharma company with more experience is certainly more mature than a new pharma company which still has lots of mistakes to make to learn ropes of this PCD Pharma Industry.

There are many new companies opening recently but you should be careful while selecting new companies as they can appear to be attractive at first but may lack fundamental qualities which comes only with experience e.g. quality of products, staff management, inventory management etc.

So if you are getting franchise of an old company in your area then you should always choose this company over any new enterant in the market.

You can read about past history of Trumac Healthcare by clicking here.

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2. Pharma Background of Owner and Employees

There is a very logical explanation of this point. While selecting a company you don’t have any proof of the quality of its products, you don’t have any vague idea of its infra unless you visit its office which is very difficult at start, you don’t have any idea about the ethics of company. So it becomes very difficult to make a choice.

One factor that will come to your rescue is the pharma background of owner of the company. If he/she is having deep pharma background then it gives you a confidence that he/she will understand your difficulties that a non-pharma person is incapable to understand.

For example only a pharma person can understand the value of prescription so he would not let the stock shortage in his/her company because he knows the implications of stock shortage on the prescription.

So we request you to choose company whose owner and employees have good pharma background so that they can understand market and your problems in a good way.

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3. Product Portfolio of Company

Before selecting any pcd pharma franchise of any company, one thing you need to make sure is that the company possess the products you would like to or confident to promote in your area.

Different people have different strengths like some would like to promote gynaecology products, some would prefer dermatology products or orthopedic products.

Maybe you are promoting a certain division of products now but in future you may want to add in other department in your bucket list.

So it would be wise to select a company which have a wide array of divisions to choose from.

We at Trumac Healthcare are having 10+ divisions that you can confidently choose from.

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4. Inventory Management

Now you have an ideal company that you would like to work with in future. It has an ideal product portfolio in its product/price list and you are very happy to start working with this company.

Now you place your first order and ask them to send you performa invoice. But to your shocking surprise they don’t have half the items you ordered because of shortage or they are just planning to launch those items in near future.

I know you will be disappointed to know that this commonly happens while taking pcd pharma franchise of a company. They will misguide you by showing you lengthy product lists but in fact they do not have any real goods lying in godown.

Now you are again back at step 1 for choosing a different company.

What I recommend is you just order 1 box for as many items you can to check the stock status of that company.

Trumac Healthcare has the large portfolio of 450+ products and 95% of those products are ready in stock.

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5. Product Packings

One thing other than quality of products that will make you stand apart from other competitors in front of doctor and chemists is the product packaging.

Experience shows that first impression is the last impression. Even if you take high quality product with bad packing it will not get prescribed but an average quality product with good packing will get high number of prescriptions.

So before choosing a pcd pharma company you must ask them to provide you with real pictures of some products especially the ones you would like to promote. This will give you the idea of product packings.

To see the product packings of Trumac Healthcare, please click here.

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6. Price of Products

All your hard work will be a waste of time if you are not getting the products at right price.

As the saying goes:

“You cannot sell at right price unless you buy at right price!! “

So in order to stand against fierce competition in market you need to buy the products at right price from pcd pharma company.

There are certain companies which will offer lowest prices amongst all but you should be careful of the quality of products these bogus companies are supplying. There is just correct price of each and every product and with experience you will get to know that.

If the price of product falls below that you would get an indication that there is something wrong with quality of product.

To get the best rates price list of Trumac Healthcare, click here.

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7. Promotional Material Supplied

This is also one of the most important factors in deciding which pcd pharma franchise to take.

One main reason to take pcd pharma franchise is that you don’t have enough resources and investment to manufacture all products and promotional material by yourself. So you rely on companies like us to provide you with high quality products equipped with promotional material at cheap rates.

Promotional Material for an ideal pcd pharma company includes:

  1. Visual Aid
  2. MR Bag
  3. Complements for Doctors
  4. Order Book
  5. Printed Pens and Stationery
  6. Product Literatures
  7. Reminder Cards
  8. Product Glossaries
  9. Visiting Cards
  10. Leaf Behind Cards and so on…

Trumac Healthcare provides all kinds of promotional material to its franchisers.

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8. Monopoly Rights Assured

One main reason of working with PCD Pharma Company is that you get monopoly rights for your area. It means that company will not supply its goods to anyone else in your area so that you can work in your area without any internal competition.

But in recent times due to unethical behaviour of many companies, they are breaking this principle by supplying goods to other person without your knowledge which can seriously harm your reputation in market.

Suppose you are generating the prescription and someone else is supplying goods to retailer at lower rates than you. How would you feel?

So before taking pcd pharma franchise of any company, you should explore your area whether the products of that company already exists in that area or not.

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9. Price Fluctuations

Price of products fluctuates everytime in the market due to one or many reasons like raw material cost, Govt. policies like GST.

So companies should also revised its price list from time to time to keeps its customers up to date according to the market conditions.

Many companies will increase the price if manufacturing cost increase but fail to decrease in vice versa scenario which leads to lost of trust among its customers.

Trumac Healthcare revises its price list from time to time. You can contact us for updated price list after GST.

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10. Educated & Cooperative Staff

Last but not least this factor plays the most important role in your day to day transactions with the pharma company.

In most of the times you won’t be interacting with the owner of the company. It’s the staff that will resolve your problems and guide you on proper way.

So the staff of a pcd pharma company should be cooperative enough to help you in times of problem.

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