Syrup / Tonics


1 BRATO Brain Tonic Syrup 200ml
2 DIAVED For Diabeties 200ml
3 ELISTONE SYP For Stone Removing 200ml
4 G-LEX POWDER Herbal Fibre Laxative 100GM
5 IRODIC Iron+Calcium Tonic 100ml
6 JOINT-X ( OIL) Herbal Massage For Muscular Pain 50ml
7 JOINT-X ( OIL) Herbal Massage For Muscular Pain Oil 100ml
8 KUFJAR Herbal Cough Syp. With Honey 100ml
9 LECARE Ayurvedic Uterine Tonic 200ml
10 REVETON Multivitamin+Antioxidant+Multimineral 200ml
11 VELIV SYP Herbal Liver Tonic 200ml
12 VELIV-DS SYP.(SUGER FREE) Herbal Liver Tonic (Double Strength) 100ml
13 ZYMSET (ENZYME PREPARATION) Herbal Enzyme Syp. 100ml
14 ZYMSET (ENZYME PREPARATION) Herbal Enzyme Syp. 200ml
15 HEAMRUS SYP Blood Purifier Syrup 200ml





1 DAIVED For Diabities Cap. 1 x 30 (caps)
2 ELISTONE CAP. For Stone Removing Capsule 1 x 30 (caps)
3 FENUDIC CAP Weight Loss+Lactation 1 x 30 (caps)
4 GINVE CAP Energy Cap 1 x 10 (caps)
5 GATGO CAP Antibiotics Cap 1 x 30 (caps)
6 JOY TIME CAP For Sperm Count 10 x 10 (caps)
7 JOINT X CAP Bone Strength Cap 1 x 30 (caps)
8 LECARE CAP Herbal Uterine Capsules 1 x 30 (caps)
9 LACTOCAM CAP For Lactation 1 x 30 (caps)
10 PYLODIC CAP For Piles Cap 1 x 30 (caps)
11 TRUVEDIC ASHWAGANDHA CAP Boost Immunity 1 x 30 (caps)
12 TRUVEDIC MUSLI KING CAP For Sex Power 1 x 30 (caps)
13 TRUVEDIC WHEAT GRASS CAP Multivitamin Cap 1 x 30 (caps)
14 TRUVEDIC GILOY CAP Boost Immunity 1 x 30 (caps)
15 TRUVEDIC TULSI GILOY CAP For Fiver, Viral 1 x 30 (caps)
16 VELIV CAP Liver Cap 1 x 30 (caps)
17 BONEFILL Healing And Strenghing Of Bones 1 x 30 (caps)
18 CARICAM Papaya Leaves Pomegranate,Tulsi Giloy 1 x 30 (caps)


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Reasons to focus on Herbal Products are:

  • Self Pushing products.
  • No Drug License required. You can sell these products to anyone without any formal documents.
  • High no. of patients.
  • Increasing trust of patients on Ayurvedic Products.
  • Long lasting consumption.

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