Looking for Sertaconazole Cream Suppliers And Manufacturers?

We at Trumac Healthcare are ready to full your this requirement. We are leading suppliers and manufacturers of Sertaconzole Cream all over India. With the advent of new molecules in the dermatology range, we are continously adding products in order to be competitive in the today’s market.

Recently we launched two brands under our Derma Division (Arcas Biolabs):

1. Sertaconazole Cream 2% (15gm tube)

2. Luliconazole Cream 1% (15gm tube)


Let us look into details of sertaconazole cream:



Sertaconazole 2%  w/w


MRP:  179/- per pc



15 gm tube with monocarton


Indications of use of Sertaconazole:

Sertaconazole is used in the treatment of fungal infections

How it works

Sertaconazole stops the growth of fungus by preventing them from making their protective covering.
[source: 1mg ]
sertaconazole cream suppliers and manufacturers

Quality of Sertaconazole Cream?

Being leading suppliers and manufacturers of Sertaconazole all over India, Trumac Healthcare understands the responsibility for maintaining high grade quality for precious salts like sertaconazole. We procure our raw material from Glenmark ( A leading raw material suppliers of Sertaconazole), and process the finished goods in our high grade GMP certified manufacturing plant.


Promotion of Sertaconazole Cream?

We promote our sertaconazole cream brand in two ways:

  1. Ethically
  2. On PCD Pharma Franchise Basis


Third Party Manufacturing of Sertaconazole Cream and Lotion?

There are very few manufacturers of sertaconazole cream in India, amongst them is Trumac Healthcare. We have many customers asking for third party manufacturing of sertaconazole cream in their own brand names. So depending on the availability of free time in manufacturing plant, we manufacture various sertaconazole brands for our customers. You can read terms and conditions for third party manufacturing here.


 Sertaconazole Cream Franchise in your Area?

Want to take franchise for sertaconazole cream and other derma products in your area. Trumac Healthcare will be more than happy to support you. You can contact us anytime.


Contact Person:  Mr Mohit Kumar

Contact Number:  +91-9041677932

Email Address:  arcasbiolabs@gmail.com


Derma range Glossary:  http://bit.ly/derma-glossary


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